• The world over, anybody who is looking out to purchase a home or any real estate property should know that the prices of homes keep on increasing day by day.

Buying real estate in Canada: mistakes to avoid

tryuikuhgjhrytWhen one is purchasing a house or any real estate property, there is a possibility of one making a mistake that could cost them a lot of money more especially if they are doing it for the first time. In this article, we are going to highlight some of the common mistakes that you should avoid when you are purchasing a home or a real estate property in Canada.

Common mistakes when investing in property

Not considering factors that affect future resale value

Numerous factors are likely to affect the resale value of your home in the future. Although some of these factors can not be determined clearly, most of them are clear and should be taken into consideration when you are making a decision. Ensure that you have opinions of the experts before you make the final decision.
Some of the factors that you should take into consideration here include the location of the house that you want to purchase, plus the size of the home also.

Buying a house for the short term

werthfgdfsThe first mistake that you should avoid when purchasing a home here is buying it with your short-term needs in mind. Because in recent years it has become very expensive for one to move around from house to house, one is advised to think more long-term when they want to purchase a house here. Research has shown that most first time home buyers will live in their homes for about 5-6 years then they will change their preferences plus the change in personal situations, and they will also require more space.

This is when one sees the need to purchase and move into a new home. Bearing in mind the cost of moving, the commission and the transfer tax that you will need to pay, you are always encouraged to think long-term when you are making a home purchase.

So that you avoid being in such situations, it is advisable that you spend a little bit more so that you can purchase a home in which you can spend a little bit more years in it. If it is possible, you should purchase a home that has a finished basement or an extra small bedroom so that it can buy you more time in it.

Being too choosey and picky

As an individual who is purchasing a home for the first time, it is obvious that you have many things that you want to buy. When you are in such a situation unless you have a surplus to spend you will have to make compromises on some things. Some of the things that you might have to deal with include putting up with an outdated décor, having an extra bathroom, or even having to conduct some repairs by yourself.

Being swept away

When dealing with real estate sales agents or any sellers, be careful as they can use the many tricks they have to ensure that they enhance the look of any particular house in an endeavor to generate more money from the sale.…

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Guide to getting your house ready for winter


As it is still time for fall, this offers the perfect condition for one to prepare their homes, houses, and property for winter. Even if you like it or not, winter is on its way, and it will be here before anyone of us realizes. Thus to ensure that you are fully prepared when it comes, it is advisable that one starts acting now rather than having to rush when the first snow storm happens. Since the temperature outside can allow you to get your garden and lawn ready for winter, it is good that you do it now.

When the winter season comes in Canada, many of us will stay indoors since we are hibernating from the cold. During this time, people will mostly enjoy warm fires, watch movies and stay indoors waiting for the spring season to come along. Winter is characterized by the presence of cold air, snow, and elements that are icey. The best way to cope up with such conditions is to ensure that you are well prepared.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the great tips that one can put into application not only in Canada but all over, to ensure that their house is well prepared for winter so that when it comes, you ensure that your home is free and safe from any damage.456yhfgdfs

How to get your home ready for winter

1. Look at your eave troughs and downspouts

Ensure that you clean out, you repair and secure all the eave troughs and downspouts that you may think have defects. When you ensure that your eavestroughs are clear and do not have any debris, it is the first step in ensuring that your roof and foundation is properly protected from any damage by water or ice. While it is not possible to entirely eradicate damage from ice, you can greatly minimize the damage it can cause.

2. Repair exterior caulking

Ensure that you undertake this repairs before winter time comes. By so doing, you will be avoiding any damages that it may cause your sills and windows. Ensure that you seal them fully as they may be a source of water getting into your home. When you repair and seal any exterior caulking your home will not only feel less drafty, but it will be more comfortable and warm as more energy will be conserved inside.

3. Repair any loose roof shingles

The integrity of your home is greatly determined by the condition of your roof. Ensure that all the roof shingles that are damaged are attended to as they may cause water leakages into the house. Ensure that you give the greatest attention to those sections of the roof that receive sunshine the most.

4. Check on the carbon monoxide detector

It is advisable that you check and if necessary replace your carbon monoxide detector. Since most of the time during the winter season you will be staying indoors, your furnace and most heat producing gadgets will be on most of the time and hence generate carbon monoxide. That is why it is important to ensure that your carbon monoxide detector is working so that it can alert you the moment it rises to abnormal levels.

5. Prepare your bedroom for winter hibernation

we4rthfdfsdaSomething as simple as changing your mattress, blanket, duvet, or topper can make a huge difference. For instance, if you have a light summer duvet, it is time to swap it for a warmer winter one. You can also invest in an electric blanket. You’ll pass out at the perfect temp. You can also try to heat up your bedroom and save the money by trapping the heat in your bedroom where you need it most.…

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The Empire Club Foundation

The Empire Club of Canada is Canada’s foremost luncheon speakers club of record. Meetings are held weekly, from September through April, normally at The Royal York Hotel, in Toronto. At these meetings, members and guests are addressed by a wide variety of speakers who are prominent in their fields. Addresses range from politics and business through the arts, science and sport. Speakers have included most of Canada’s Prime Ministers, as well as the heads of state of numerous other countries; the chief executive officer of Canada’s most important companies, and of world class international companies; leaders in education, and many other fields.

All speeches are broadcast live on Rogers Cable TV and rebroadcast on CPAC.

Since the formation of The Empire Club of Canada in 1903, over 2500 addresses have been made to the Club. Every speech has been published in the Club’s annual yearbook, The Empire Club Addresses. This record of over 90 years of Canada’s history provides a unique resource for historians, researchers and interested readers.

The Empire Club Foundation


The annual Empire Club Addresses yearbook is published by The Empire Club Foundation. Books are distributed to Empire Club members (as part of the benefits of membership and covered by the membership fee). They are also distributed free of charge to public and educational libraries across Canada, and to Canadian embassies and consulates. The cost of doing so is funded through tax deductible donations from members and friends of The Empire Club of Canada.

The Empire Club Foundation is publishing an index to the speeches through the generous support of members and friends of the Club. It is an expensive project, Thanks to The Sleep Holic for their humble contribution and additional donations of any amount are needed and will be gratefully accepted. Tax receipts will be provided. Donor categories acknowledged in the yearbook are:

Patron $1000 or more
Endowment Benefactor $500-$999
Benefactor $250-$499
Donors $100-$249
Donations, made payable to The Empire Club Foundation, should be sent to:

Douglas L Derry, FCA, Chairman, The Empire Club Foundation, 20243 Heart Lake Road, Caledon, Ontario L0N 1C0

The Empire Club foundation gratefully acknowledges
sponsorship for the Index to Speeches Project of

The HNR Jackman Foundation

The AGF Group of Funds

Jackman Foundation (1964)

Empire Club of Canada
Royal York Hotel
100 Front Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M5J 1E3
Tel. (416) 364-2878
Fax (416) 364-7271

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Nov 15 1997…

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