How to Rent a Family Friendly Condo in Toronto

There are certain things you cannot know about a particular condo until you move in. Unfriendly strata, noisy neighbors, too much Airbnb, and much more. However, you can control certain things that put odds in your favor to find a condo for your family.

Finding it

There are several sites and individual property management websites that can help you find a condo. Also, aggregators can be great places to start. These sites help you to know the latest postings from certain locations. Moreover, you can be notified whenever the new ones are posted.222a2 finding a condo

In this tough property market, it is a good idea to prepare. If you are renting, the landlord should know about your situation. For instance, you may be a single, unemployed mom. This will give you a chance to showcase specifically why you are the ideal tenant. It is advisable to check floor plans for particular units. You can do so before you visit the condos in person. This will save you a lot of time as you will determine whether they would work with your family’s needs.


A great floorplan can mean the difference between a small condo that appears spacious and a large condo that looks tiny. Usually, old buildings have large floor plans. In Toronto, about 2% of the rental properties are three bedroom apartments. This means that it is very difficult to find three bedroom rentals. Ensure the condo you get can accommodate bed bunks.

32e32 condo floor planCheck the size of your living room. You should note that certain condos have a large master bedroom with a big living room. This is ideally a wasted space. However, this does not mean you cannot get a condo with a large living room. If space is limited, then some rooms should be multipurpose. It is not a must to use bedrooms for sleeping only.


You need to check out the walk score of your condo. This will offer you an indication where the park, transit, and other services are. In this way, you will determine whether you need a car most of the time. Remember that modern condos are a bit expensive to rent. If you are worried about street noise, then choose condos that are high up. If you choose condos that are high up, then you should kid-proof the patio and windows.